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Heat Exchangers


Immersion plates come in a variety of different configurations and sizes. Direct replacement options are available for all major brands.


Plate banks are integrated assemblies which combine a given number of plates into one singular unit. Generally, all of the plates in a bank assembly are connected to common supply and return header.


Integral inflated tank jackets are an easy way to enhance any new vessel construction, while significantly reducing fabrication time and cost in comparison to preformed dimple style jackets.


Clamp-on plates are a simple cost-effective solution to add external heating or cooling to an existing tank or surface. Special mounting hardware makes installation easy.


Our engineers  are prepared to assist you with the knowledge and experience to properly design a pillow plate heat exchanger for your unique application.


THERMAPLATE pillow plates surfaces are a fully welded and inflated type heat exchangers that are manufactured by stacking two flat sheets of material and fuse welding them together with a strategically positioned welding pattern.

A typical welding THERMAPLATE pattern comprises of an outer seam weld defining the total pressure boundary of the plate and then an interior circle weld pattern specifically configured for the service type and performance requirements for a given application.

Once the welding is complete, the THERMAPLATE pillow plate will then be expanded by pressurizing the space between the two sheets. As pressure is increased, the gap between the unsupported portions of the plates will increase, creating the identifying “pillow” shaping of the plate.

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