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M & G Series

  • High-temperature, cleanable surface, and uniform coverage.

F & FBA Series

V Series

  • Offers power densities and response time that rival short wavelength heaters.


  • Highest power density output, with High-purity fused, translucent quartz face.


Elstein BSI construction panels are infrared radiation areas, which can be equipped with the ceramic IR panel radiatorsHTS or HSR. The ceramic infrared panel radiators are fixed to the MBO mounting sheets and surrounded with a housing of frame and capping sections.  All housing parts consist of stainless steel so that radiators with high power can be used, too. The BSI construction panels are factory assembled so that the user only has to do the wiring, insert the BSI panel in a steel section frame to be made on site and connect the panel with the electricity mains.

Elstein BSI construction panels are available in dimensions from 125 x 250 mm to 1000 x 1500 mm and can be fitted with HTS radiators up to 800 W or rather with HSR radiators up to 1000 W.

They can be equipped with Elstein ceramic panel radiators FSR, HSR/1,HTS/1, SHTS/1 and FSR/2,HSR/2, HTS/2, SHTS/2, whereby it is also possible to combine different radiator designs and wattages of the same types of radiators. The ceramic infrared radiators mounted in stainless steel reflectors are inserted in the lower part of an extruded, anodized aluminum section with an H-shaped cross-section. Aluminum capping sections close the wiring space in the upper part of the section and die cast end pieces close the end faces. Compared to EBF the EBF-R system is delivered pre-wired with rails by our factory so that the user only has to screw in the EBF-R elements in a steel section frame to be made on site and connect up with the electricity mains. Elstein EBF-R construction elements are available in five lengths and can be fitted together to form flat or curved radiation panels in any installed position.




Quartz Infrared Emitters are used for industrial heating; our infrared quartz emitters are designed and engineered to your specifications. When you need to apply precise heat radiation with infinite controllability, infrared heating technology is the best option. The four main categories of infrared emitters are shown below. All categories can provide you short-wave or medium-wave along with a variety of options to provide you with optimal solution for your infrared heating technology needs.

Short-Wave Infrared Heaters
Short-wave infrared emitters utilize a low-mass tungsten filament that is encased in a special blend of inert gasses. This provides a very high energy source capable of responding instantly to voltage changes, allowing for precise temperature control for a variety of applications.

  • Glass Tube:99.9% Pure Fused Silica
  • Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material:Tungsten
  • Filament Temperature:1800 – 2400°C (3300 – 4400°F)
  • Peak Wavelength:1.0 – 1.4 µm
  • Typical Applications:
    • Plastics Welding
    • Curing Painted Surfaces
    • Curing Powder Coatings
    • Polymerization of coatings for cooking utensils
    • Drying porcelain and ceramics
    • Drying and production of glass-plastic composites
    • Semiconductor Production

Fast-Response Medium-Wave Infrared Heaters
Fast-Response Medium-Wave infrared emitters are heaters that fall between the short and medium-wave standards. Utilizing the best of both worlds, fast-response medium-wave emitters are capable of almost instant response times while hitting a larger wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Glass Tube: 99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material: Tungsten
  • Filament Temperature: 1400 – 1800°C (2500 – 3300°F)
  • Peak Wavelength: 1.4 – 1.6 µm
  • Response Time: 1 – 2 sec.
  • Typical Applications:
    • Drying Processes
    • Plastics Processing
    • Curing of Coated Surfaces
    • Gelling PVC coatings on textiles
    • And Many Others…


Carbon-based Medium-Wave Infrared Heaters
Emitted Energy Carbon-based Medium-Wave Infrared Emitters are heaters that utilize a wound fiber-woven carbon filament. This unique lamp is ideal for drying applications that don’t require high, intense heat of short-wave and long drawn-out heat of medium-wave, but rather falls in between. Note: only available with white ceramic reflector coating.

  • Glass Tube: 99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material: Wound Carbon Fiber-Woven
  • Filament Temperature: ~ 1200°C (~ 2200°F)
  • Peak Wavelength: ~ 2.0 µm
  • Response Time: > 3 sec.
  • Typical Applications:
    • Drying Processes
    • Curing of Coated Surfaces
    • Pre-heating and Post-heating
    • And Many Others…


Medium-Wave Infrared Heaters
Emitted Energy Medium-wave infrared emitters utilize a high temperature nickel/chromium alloy filament to provide a steady source of heat. These high efficiency emitters convert 80 to 90 percent of the input electrical energy into infrared radiation making it ideal for situations requiring longer applications of heat.

  • Glass Tube:99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material:Nickel-Chromium Alloy
  • Filament Temperature:800 – 950°C (1500 – 1800°F)
  • Peak Wavelength:2.0 – 4.0 µm
  • Response Time: > 1 min.
  • Typical Applications:
    • Curing Painted Surfaces
    • Preheating Plastics
    • Curing Powder Coatings
    • Drying / heat setting textiles after dyeing or printing
    • Supplemental heating
    • Drying or inks for printing and silk-screening
    • Preheating and curing wood coatings


Radiant Heaters combine the highest grade materials with our in-depth application and manufacturing experience to provide a product to solve the most demanding radiant process heater applications.

The Metal Sheathed Heater provides a uniform wave length and pattern that is absorbed by all colors with equal efficiency.

Units are available in various ratings and lengths and in 2 basic Kw. per sq. ft. capacities.
Catalog #RHS-1 series approximately 1.8 kw. per sq. ft.
Catalog #RHS-2 and RHH-1 series approximately 3.6 kw. per sq. ft.

Applications for Radiant Heaters are drying, preheating, curing, sterilizing, shrink fitting and degreasing, in applications where high temperatures will not cause damage or be a fire hazard.

Caution must be observed so that these heaters do not operate in atmospheres that can cause fire or explosion. In all applications the materials should be thoroughly investigated to ensure that the gases produced in the application are controlled so as not to become a fire or explosion hazard. Applications must be in compliance with safety precautions as outlined by the jurisdictional authority.

UL & CSA Recognition on elements.


  • Seamless Incoloy® 840 sheath material.
  • High purity MgO powder compacted to provide maximum heat conductivity and optimum dielectric strength.
  • Type “A” 80/20 resistance wire sized to provide lowest wire watt density for maximum life. Precision wound to provide even heat flux over length of element.
  • Fusion welded junction between cold pin resistance wire giving superior life.
  • Bends are recompacted to restore MgO density in bend areas on Hairpin units.
  • Highly polished aluminum reflector giving maximum reflectivity, that can be easily cleaned.
  • Extruded aluminum channel mounting supports. One piece construction for all models.
  • Slide bolt and clamps to provide universal mounting to a variety of supports.
  • Integral wiring compartments in end of units, for power connections.
  • Secondary insulated mounting supports.