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Flat Panel Infrared Radiant Heaters

Flat panel infrared radiant heaters are sleek and modern heating devices designed to efficiently emit infrared radiation for targeted heat. These heaters consist of thin, flat panels typically made from materials like carbon fiber, quartz, or ceramic that generate and emit infrared heat when electricity passes through them.

Characterized by their slim profile and versatile design, flat panel infrared radiant heaters are often wall-mounted or can be freestanding, allowing for easy installation and flexible placement in various spaces. They work by emitting infrared rays that directly heat up objects within their range without significantly warming the air, creating a comfortable and gentle warmth similar to the sun’s rays.

These heaters are favored for their energy efficiency, rapid heat distribution, and ability to provide focused heating in specific areas, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments


  • Thermoforming (sheet-fed, roll-fed, and rotary)
  • Screen Printing (flash units and dryers)
  • Electronics manufacturing (solder reflow and wave solder)
  • Paint and powder coating applications
  • Process manufacturing (paper, textile, and wood)
  • Glass tempering and bending
  • Automotive fiberglass production
  • Wire, cable and tubing production
  • Curing and drying
  • Carpeting
  • Foil
  • Composites production

V Series Heaters

V Series
The V-series is perfect for applications that require high power, tight process control and fast heat-up/ cool-down. V-Shaped stamped elements have low mass for fast heating/cooling and minimal thermal lag for extremely tight process control. The elements are bonded to a high temperature insulation board having low thermal conductivity, low thermal mass and low heat capacity to minimize stored heat so they can be switched on and off in seconds. 


Q-Series Panel Heaters

Opaque quartz is the standard face on the Q-Series panel heaters. The properties of quartz make it a very efficient radiator of infrared energy. Double layer insulation is installed behind the insulating board to decrease back heat loss. Aluminized steel casings and welded stainless steel terminations are standard throughout the heater.



M & G Series

The G-SERIES and M-SERIES line of IR panel heaters uses high temperature material as the radiant surface. All heaters provide uniform coverage with the convenience of a cleanable surface. Glass standard face on the G-Series panel heaters. The G-Series uses a high-temperature (1202°F/ 650°C, continuously operating temperature) black glass. The construction of the G-Series heater is similar to that of the F-Series heater, with the exception that glass replaces the quartz composite fabric as the face material. Metal is the standard face on the M-Series panel heaters. The face can be manufactured using either hard-coated aluminum or porcelanized steel. The remaining construction is exactly the same as that used in the G-Series heaters.

F Series

F SERIES Panel Heater
Quartz composite is the standard face on the F-Series panel heater, our best selling model. It is produced by a patented process that uses a high temperature material and special cement to bond quartz fabric with a ceramic fiber coil support. The end result is a unique, highly durable, quartz composite face heater.


Specialty Infrared Heaters

Many of our customers require a unique heating solution for special needs applications. Southeast Thermal Systems can recommend a speciality heater for your application.