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Process Heat Solutions

Custom Design Heat Exchanger

Fully Customizable Pillow Plate

THERMAPLATE heat transfer surfaces are extremely versatile, which is why we get so excited about new applications and R&D projects. We are driven to push the industry in creativity and innovation, as we enjoy being challenged and are determined to prove there are no boundaries with our products.



All THERMAPLATE heat transfer surfaces are manufactured using precision CNC welding equipment, providing us the ability to optimize plate size, shape, spot pattern layout, and baffling configurations to best suit any application. This flexibility in our manufacturing processes allow us to be extremely creative in our design solutions.

Customizing Designs for:

  • Improved thermal performance
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Better product quality
  • Footprint improvement
  • Seamless OEM integration
Special Custom Plate Bank
Curved plate jacket


By integrating THERMAPLATE heat transfer surfaces into your equipment, you are choosing one of the highest quality and most efficient heat exchangers on the market. Our engineers work directly with our clients to design, optimize, and seamlessly integrate our products into their systems.

Common Applications:

  • Heated or cooled process equipment
  • Refrigerated finishing tables
  • Air coolers and thermal fins
  • Heating elements or boiler cores
  • Fuel cells 


THERMAPLATE heat transfer surfaces are ideal for rolled ductwork and larger diameter pipe sections. Our single embossed surfaces can be sized for high pressure (heavy shell) or low pressure (thin shell) applications; this flexibility provides a cost-effective solution for most applications.

Common Benefits:

  • Line heating or cooling
  • Steam re-heater / super-heater
  • Air cooling / moisture condenser
  • Heat tracing for freeze protection
  • Energy recovery from waste heat lines
Custom heat exchanger
Plate Blank Heat Exchanger


The engineers at THERMAPLATE are prepared to assist you with the knowledge and experience to properly design a pillow plate heat exchanger for your unique application. 

Available Design Services:

  • Complete thermodynamic design solutions
  • Finite element loading and stress simulations
  • Advanced corrosion analysis
  • Certified designs to ASME, PED, and CRN

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