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t3 quartz lamps and heaters

Quartz Infrared Heater
Quartz Infrared Heater
Quartz Infrared Heater

USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp is an example of efficiently utilizing the heat output of a specialty halogen lamp. Most of the output from this light source falls in the infrared region, and it is proven to be an extremely efficient heat energy source.

USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp creates clean, safe heat source which can be flexibly controlled and minimizes footprint to maximize design possibilities.

With over 20 years of experience in converting the light source into heat source, USHIO provides heat source solutions to various industries ranging from familiar applications such as cooking equipments to state of the art applications such as processing of new materials for semiconductor industries. Some typical applications are, baking, drying, curing, dehydrating, space heating and warming of food.

With high-quality standards and possessing state-of-the-art equipment, USHIO Oregon provides clean, instantaneous and precision controlled quartz infrared heater lamps (QIH). These high-efficiency lamps are able to transfer large amounts of heat while maintaining absolute controllability. Quartz tubes are best used for radiant applications that need instant on, instant off, such as heat sensitive materials that may have to linger in a heat source. USHIO’s quartz lamps are the best choice where precise high wattage density is necessary for high speed production processes while maintaining even heat controlled zones.


  • Highly Efficient Heat Source
    Over 85% of the input energy is converted into infrared energy.
  • Ease of Control
    As opposed to combustion heat energy, our light source based energy is easier to control and manipulate by use of lenses and reflectors.
  • Compact and Clean Energy
    A non-polluting heat source from a light weight and compact footprint enables flexible design possibilities.
  • Instant On/Off
    Due to the ability to reach maximum output upon ignition, a sophisticated heating programming can be applied.
  • Long Life and Consistent Output
    By utilizing the halogen cycle, Ushio’s lamps are designed up to 5000 hrs with almost no loss in infrared output.
  • Flexible Production Capability
    Ushio supports customer specified custom design and OEM support.



  • A Base

  • B Filament

  • C Filling Tip

  • D Cement

  • E Lead Wire

  • F Outer Lead Rod

  • G Molybdenum Foil

  • H Inner Lead

  • I Support

  • J Bulb (Envelope)

  • K Seal

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