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Southeast Thermal Systems offers custom premier control panels. We offer high quality panels to fit your specific application. From general purpose to explosion proof rated enclosures meeting NEMA and NEC standards, along with years of experience in design in electrical and mechanical panels. STS can engineer a panel from your blueprint or consult with the client and develop a panel that suits their exact requirements and specifications. All of our panel designs are based on the latest engineering technology, with a high degree of reliability, at a competitive price. We can offer a U/L labeled panel if required.

Southeast Thermal System’s first step in building a control panel is to review the customer’s documents and to identify any potential discrepancies and/or any possible cost saving options. Once a panel is approved STS ensures that the panels are made of the best quality and made exactly to customer specifications. Please contact our technician to assist with designing the proper control panel to meet your requirements.


Heater Control Panels: Designed to provide accurate and safe control for electric heating applications and more. Supply voltage can vary from single phase to three phase.

General Purpose Control Panel: Relay, PLC, or loop panels. Please contact us for general purpose control panel requirements.