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Mineral Insulated Band Heaters are perfect for applications needing reliable high process temperatures. The Mineral Band Heater has a high watt density of 80W/in2 Max. It is built with very high quality materials and based on application can maintain temperatures as high as 1400ºF (760ºC).

Ceramic band heaters are designed with spirally wound inner resistance coils evenly threaded through interlocking insulated ceramic “tiles”. The ceramic core, or “mat” of tiles is housed beneath a stainless steel sheet with serrated edges. The notched edges fold over to secure the ends and a protective inner liner (to be removed at installation) secures the placement of the tiles. This combined assembly of the Ceramic Band Heater offers a flexible heating system that yields efficient transmission of conduction and radiated heat. The heat of the Ceramic Band originates from the inner coils that conduct heat at maximum temperatures.

Mica Band heaters are constructed with a mica core wound with wire. The core is then bent into a circle band. Leads are attached before the final outer sheaths are attached to complete the heater. Mica Band heaters can be installed directly onto barrel heaters without the requirement of initial heater removal. Only require one set of leads or terminals.