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Mineral Band Heaters

Mineral Band Heaters can operate at sheath temperatures of up to 1300° F continuously, depending on the diameter, width and application. The interior of Mineral Band heaters are manufactured with ceramic tape, Nichrome wire and high temperature ceramic cement. Mineral Band heaters responds quickly to applications that require high temperatures and high watt densities. All moisture is removed from the mineral band heaters by our baking process of 850° F for 8 hours. We have included a small profile termination on models PWB1 and PWB2 for those applications with restricted space.

All of the Mineral Band Heaters are clamped down with an 18 gauge stainless steel strap to reassure there is no air gaps between the barrel and heater which improves band heater performance. Both the outer and inner shell is manufactured with 3042b stainless steel channel sheet metal providing a compressed process while forming the heaters. Mineral Band Heaters are manufactured in a variety of electrical termination styles and can be manufactured with holes.

Availble CSA, UL and/or CE approved


Band Heater


  • Sheath temperature: up to 1300° F
  • Maximum watt density: 100 watts/sq. in. depending on diameter and width.


Clamping Methods:

  • Independent or full strap
  • Spring-loaded barrel nuts



  • Holes
  • Adaptors and fittings



  • 1 or 2 piece construction
  • Expandable
  • Partial coverage
  • Exterior material: stainless steel
  • Interior material: Nickel chrome wire and ceramic tape
  • Minimum standard diameter: 1″
  • Minimum standard width: 1″


Electrical connections:

  • Post terminal
  • SS Metal braid
  • Armor cable
  • Ground post
  • Dual voltage
  • Fiber glass sleeve
  • Low profile cap
  • 3 Phase


terminal housing:

    • Terminal box
    • Terminal block with ceramic block
    • European plug
    • European plug with terminal box
    • Ceramic post covers
    • Brass cap for heater with different angle lead exits


Low Profile Mineral Band Heater

Low Profile leads

Low Profile leads

Low Profile leads

Low Profile Mineral Band Heater

Terminal Box

Screw Terminals

Fiberglass leads