Threaded In-Line Air Heaters

Threaded in-line air heaters are designed for industrial process heating applications requiring high-heat and high air pressure. Serpentine™ heating elements are installed into a 304 stainless steel housing and threaded at both ends. TUTCO SureHeat offer two styles, Style “A” and Style “B” inline air heaters. Style “A” should be used when a leak-proof air system is required.

Threaded inline air heaters are commonly connected to filtered compressed air supply lines and rapidly heat air for precise temperature control inline with heated industrial processes.

Threaded In-line thermocouple adapter material is 316 stainless steel
Better resistance to oxidation at higher temperatures
Type K thermocouple F206119 sold separately
Use of other sensor types and mounting locations can result in heater damage
Thermocouple mounting depth location is critical. Follow all mounting instructions.
If replacing a Thermocouple, take note of the depth by measuring the distance to the compression fitting on the old Thermocouple.
UL recognized, CE, RoHS