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Cool Touch™ 200

The Cool Touch™ 200 Heat Torch is a robust air heating tool designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. In-service applications include high capacity staking, curing, drying, heat-shrinking, sterilization, adhesive activation, air scrubbing, and air knives.

The CoolTouch™200 HeatTorch heating element is contained in a 2.5” diameter stainless steel pipe. The heater body is 5.0” long for power ratings from 500 to 4250 watts, 9.0” for power ratings of 4500 to 8500 watts and 13.0” for power ratings from 9000 to 12500 watts. The standard power increments are 250 watts, 500 watts, and 1000 watts respectively.

Allowable air flow is from 9.6 to 100 SCFM. The maximum air input temperature is 250° F. Maximum air output temperature is 1300 °F.

The standard inlet fitting is a 1” NPT female. Standard outlets are a 1.25” NPT female fitting and no exhaust fitting. We provide pressure testing as an add-on service.







12500W 250°F 1300°F 9.6 100 120

Mounting = Horizontal / Vertical

Leads = 12 Gauge, 12″ long

Heater Body = Stainless Steel

Heater Fittings = Stainless Steel

Applications for the Heat Torch™ 030 include:

        • High Capacity Staking
        • Curing
        • Drying
        • Heat Shrinking
        • Sterilization
        • Adhesive Activation
        • Air Scrubbing
        • Air Knives